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3D PRINTING the power of prototyping.

Posted: August 31, 2013 by Martin Smith in technology

3d printing technology is amazing. It can make your home a factory. Broke a vase? PRINT a new one. Need a new ipod case? PRINT a new one. Want a new lamp shade? PRINT a new one. 3d printing allows you to make anything you want within about an 8×8 inch area. This is an amazing advancement in technology in the past 5 years. You pay the price though, a standard desktop 3d printer can cost around $2000. There are many company’s  you can buy a 3d printer from, including makerbot, ultimaker, and cube. This technology is great for prototyping, or just common household use.

cube printer

Nintendo 2ds????

Posted: August 31, 2013 by Martin Smith in Uncategorized

The new nintendo 2ds dosen’t seem to be, well new. It has the simalar style to the original game boys, and in the fact that it is 2d, a significant down grade from the 3ds. It is exactly what it sounds like, a 3ds, that is 2d, in one solid piece.  But at least they finally made something a 4 year old can’t snap in half. Why WOULD nintendo create a whole new system with the same software as the 3ds but in 2d, this seems completely useless because the 3ds has an option where you can turn off the 3d feature and play games in 2 dimensions. One reason nintendo MIGHT have done this is for, is people who don’t already have a 3ds they can buy a 2ds for a cheaper price because it is not 3d. But it does bring an upgrade in strength or durability, making it one solid piece, mostly eliminating the use for those bulky nerf cases. At least it isn’t a complete fail from the 3ds, but personally, I think it is a piece of crap.

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Posted: August 31, 2013 by Martin Smith in Uncategorized

Hello everybody,   I am announcing a new format for today in geek. We will be posting all tech news under the home page. If you are a common user of todayingeek for your tech and gaming news, then you can now subscribe for rss feed messages when we post new info. Go to the bottom of the home page and hit register to sign up for rss feed. Todayingeek is a tech and gaming news blog.