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Today at apples live streamed event they announced that two new iPhone’s were coming out.First is the iPhone 5c this is basically the iPhone 5 same price but with color it comes in white,green,yellow,pink,and blue it is very affordable and just for you if you want a iPhone 5 with color.And yes this of course will be running ios7 


Now the next iPhone is called the iPhone 5s it has many new features it will run ios 7.Now lets talk changes it has a very improved graphics card it has a M7 motion co processor,aA7 chip with 64 bit architecture,an 8 mega pixel camera.It comes in 3 different colors space gray,gold ,and silver.A 16 gb is 199 a 32 is 299 and a 64 is 399.It has a all new finger lock screen you can now unlock your phone by tapping your finger on the home button it analyzes and lets you in if u have the write finger print this is great because no two are alike and its easy.this is the first smart phone to ever have a A7 chip.The camera now has more features for lighting and all sorts of stuff.It also has a 720 hp face time and 1020 video.That is iPhone 5s.

you can pre order the iphone 5c friday the 13th and purchase them both on september 20th


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Today apple had a press conference about the 2 new phones ios was also talked about.Ios 7 will be out for everyone that has a iPhone 4 or later the iPad 2 and later the iPad mini and the iPod touch 5th generation on September 18th 2013.Ios 7 is going to be the future it will have a new feature called air drop this allows you to simply share a photo with the person next to you u can also organize your pictures and moments it will organize by location and time so your vacation photos will be in one and all your photos from 2012 and 2013 will be in a nice organized fashion.Siri has changed too you can now change the voice to a male or female you can say for instance what is todayingeek saying and it will pull up tweets from this person you can do in siri web search and Wikipedia and now you can easily photo search.There is a all new feature called the control center which allows you to easily accses your wifi music,airplane mode,calculator,camera,flashlight,and  even rotation lock and even more.There is another new feature called notification center you can swipe down when it is locked or unlocked to view all of your reminders,stocks,calls,messages,and of course all of notifications.You can now multi task better than ever before.This is ios 7

rumors and dates

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this Tuesday is the new iPhone reveal now this is rumored to have a new finger print feature were it will recognize your finger print for a lock screen and all sorts of stuff.Also rumored ios 7 dates it has been rumored that ios 7 will be out either one the 10th or the 17th 18th or 19th.Last year it ios 6 was released on September 19th.i hope it will come out soon.The next apple TV and iPad should be revealed soon within a few month we have not heard any thing on those but we will give you all the news . 

Samsung back on TOP

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Today Samsung revealed  3 new products  the Samsung galaxy note 3 the gear watch and the new tablet.They first introduced the new Galaxy note 3 it has 3 GB of RAM and 13 mega pixel camera and a new LED flash.Now into new features it has a new feature called air command where you can save a web page or video by just taping the screen and opening air command and choosing save to scrapbook.Your scrapbook is where toy can save memos drawings and webpages and videos and much more in a organized way.You can now text two people at once in side by side windows and share messages between to people.The new stylus is called the spen and this allows you to do things easier and faster.This is going to be available in stores late September and October. There are going to be new cases and different kind’s too we will have more info on that later.Now the second thing is called the Samsung galaxy gear watch it is phone there is apps for it and text it also has a voice and it can tell you the weather this syncs all you contacts and photos from your Samsung smart phone right to your watch.You can take a picture by sliding up and taping the screen the camera is on the strap so you never miss a moment.This and the Samsung galaxy note 3 is the next big thing the future now.Also the new Samsung tablet was revealed. This works very efficient and better than the previous one.Oh and i forgot to mention the new Samsung Galaxy note 3 can combine the screen of other devices to make one big screen you can watch movies or you tube videos using this and yes this is kinda like the s4s surround sound when you could combine devices to do have surround sound now ill that be included im not positive we will just have to see.Now these devices are looking to come out in late September and October.      

we are waiting for Samsung to reveal

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the Samsung galaxy note 3 and the galaxy gear watch are going to be revealed today we hear many rumors but they we will find out and tell all of you right after the event 

Whats to come in apple ?

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Well we already know that the next iPhone is coming, and after that I personally think we will see the next apple TV, possibly a rumored gaming system and maybe, a apperal product like an iwatch. But, around the holiday season the next iPad will be coming out, I don’t know, we will just have to see.

Samsung galaxy note 3 vs iPhone 5s or 5c

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The new phone is expected to be reveled on September 4th, with that said, what will be the features, and the price of this, including the release date. There has been many rumors. Now, the iPhone 5s or 5c will be revealed on September 10th. We again don’t know what features it will have, or the price point or the exact release date. There is a lot of info we will not know, until its revealed but I think it will be about 400-600 dollars without a 2 year contract, about 400 dollars with a 2 year contract. Now, will ios 7 be on the new iPhone? Will it be released when it gets revealed? I hope so, because I want to use ios 7.

3D Printing

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The 3D printer shall soon replace the hardware store, you no longer have to go to the store to by stuff like spacers, screws, drill bits or even stuff like legos, lids, and decorations you can all print.


3d   3d2

Angry Birds Is Back!!!!!!!

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After angry birds star wars, we thought that was it for Rovio. They are revealing a new angry birds game called angry birds go. We don’t know exactly what it will have, there are plenty of rumors in social media, and this whole game was rumored before, but we are glad it has been confirmed. I will give you more news as we get it.