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The Ouya is expected to hit all target locations later this month.It had not been on shelves in nearly four months.Google is trying to get it back in consumers hands for the holidays.I like the ouya but I don’t think it will do to good with the Xbox one and the PlayStation 4 both on market to.But then again parents might be looking for a lower priced gaming system rather than paying 100s of dollars for others so that could be where it stands out.To put battery’s in the ouya is hard because you must open up the controller to do so.

Well apple announced the iPad air which has a A7 chip it is 6.6inches it has a isight camera it runs ios 7 of course it comes in space gray and silver there is the iPad air WiFi and iPad air +cellular  it is a good product.They also made the iPad mini retina display with most of the same features but it is 7.9 inches.Yes the iPad air is smaller than the iPad mini.They are planned to be up  for purchase on November first for the  iPad air and later in November for the iPad mini.   

iPad keynote

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Its official the new iPad keynote is next week they are going to talk about os x mavericks and the release of the new mac pro im sure we will see maybe a finger print sensor on the new iPad like the iPhone 5s and maybe other features similar to the iPhone 5s. We already know some info on the new mac pro i guess we will just have to see what apple has in store for us.