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Guys, we need you to vote!!!

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`There is a fair amount of people following this site right now, but if you ever read any of the posts and stuff on this site, then please take a few moments to vote! Find the proceeding issues in the VOTE ON STUFF page! Thanks!


After the iPhone 5 an iPhone 5c was rumored, most people assumed the C  stood for cheap, but it actually stood for color. (lol jk)  After that phone came the iPhone 5s. Now will we see an iPhone 6c?  We will keep you posted on any rumors or news, that comes in on the iPhone 6 in general    

Google fiber has been very much talked about over the internet. Google Fiber has low priced internet packages. Apparently 34 cites will be getting Google fiber as soon as 2015. Now will this include WiFi or just the wired connection? Google has not said anything yet but I will keep you posted on any new news that comes in. Now will any other companies try this Its very possible that we could see other internet services trying to compete or even other major companies. Now what you are probably thinking is will apple try to do this maybe but i doubt it apple will most likely just keep coming out with new and groundbreaking products as we like.We will give you all the information you  need when it is released if you have any questions you can post them in the comments and we will reply to you.Image

Our New Logo

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We all know Google has been the king of the internet and searching for years now, but do you really want to be able to do everything by voice? Google says they want to put the

“Ok Google” hot words through the entire android system. The ‘campaign’ is called “Ok Google Everywhere”. They say that you that you will be able control different apps, just by using this command.    It’s not just enhanced voice control, but Android Police says Google is considering new navigation buttons for Android. However, it must be realized that this could only be available for Nexus or Google Play Edition  devices, just like the current Google Now Launcher. Now, what do I think of this? Well as a dedicated ios user, not much. I new they would EVENTUALLY do something like this so it does not surprise me this happened.    I’m not a huge fan of all the voice control stuff because you don’t feel like your, well, in control. 


For all you dedicated viewers and followers to the current, or you are just a first time viewer, this web address you are visiting us on now, is going to change today by 12:00 PM (midnight)  EST, the Web address for



This is a good little webcam for the money. It is 720p HD and has a built in decent quality mic. If you buy it, you may notice on the box it says it is not compatible with windows XP, (which is the OS I use) , it is MOST compatible with windows XP and I never noticed any kind of software glitches with it.

Google street view now allows people to look back as far as 2007. Now you might not think this is a very big deal considering that 2007 was not to long ago. In years to come this could help us find remarkable things for the future generation. So yes i think this is a great idea for google to do and that many people will like this and use it to look at where they live or old places and much more.  

Recently, over a fifth of all the Radio Shack stores, ( Ok, let’s face it,  if you’re on a site called Todayingeek, you’ve been to Radio Shack at least once, or at least heard of it.) in the U.S (about 1100) have been sent up for closure, many of them have already been closed. Now, whether or not you love, hate, or don’t even care about radio shack, it’s kind of a big deal. Now, I have to admit, I am kind bias about the subject, for being an electronics hobbyist, I shop there, a LOT! (meaning the last time I went there was about 5 minutes ago(no kidding)).

Anyway, at if you think about it logically, or you have been to radio shack, you will know what I am talking about when I say this: and, no matter how bias I am,  RADIO SHACK IS EXPENSIVE!  Yes, it’s so expensive I had to put it in all caps and Italics, but- it’s true. Now, I will give you an example of what I am talking about: It cost about $2-$3 for a USB 2 cable on But at Radio Shack, you won’t find one below $18.99 (at least at my local store). But (sigh) that is honestly just ridiculous. Oh yeah, did I mention for one LED, just a plain LED ( led), it will put you out about $2. For a small little component. I could get a pack of 25 on amazon for $5 *free shipping.  So really I shouldn’t be surprised.