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TWIG – Week 3

Posted: May 31, 2014 by Martin Smith in Tech news, Videos
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Apple has officially announced their acquisition of beats. Before we told you because we knew it the sources all said it so its more like Apple states the obvious. Anyway they are not waiting to talk about this there WILL be talk at WWDC14. Their is a new pair of beats solos  (beats solos2) now these are different than other beats. First let’s talk sound specs they fixed the to much bass problem that so many people had and made it so you can here every element of the song your listening to. The design is very similar. Comfort is were they screwed up on. Now yes the audio is great but no one is going to sit through listening to music felling unconformable. What they should of done is waited a little longer to release to prefect the listening experience.



Well you know how Apple has surprised us in the past well looks like its happening again. We not to long ago posted on the Apple iWatch I said that we would probably not see it for a while and it would have to be good in software,hardware and design. Now according to new reports the Apple iWatch will have a circular design and their will be mass production in July and August which means that the iWatch might be coming out in October. The watch will be slimmer and lighter than other smart watches. Sources also say that the iPhone 6 (4.7 inches) will be coming out before it. So maybe not to long from now we will here about theses 2 products. As for WWDC 14 I don’t think that anything will be mentioned at all. WWDC is already rumored to be talking about OS X update and IOS update maybe a preview of IOS 8, Beats electronics acquisition Smart home and maybe even new macs. So Apple is very busy now we will give you more information as it is released.

These sources are not official by Apple but by Brian Blair analyst at Rosenblatt Securities. For more information on WWDC 14 and WWDC14 rumors scroll down.



Can a Chromebook replace your normal PC?

Posted: May 26, 2014 by Martin Smith in Tech news, technology

Chromebooks, the popular internet machines running chrome OS, have been flying off the shelves lately and it’s not surprising why.

A Chromebook, as mentioned above, is primarily an internet machine. They do not have a large hard drive space, so you cannot have a  lot of programs and files etc. on it.  But, will it replace your normal PC? Well, most people would say Yes, because all they need is their YouTube, Social Media, and Cloud Based Files and Folders. On the other hand, BECAUSE it is an internet device it has no optical r/w drive to read or write to discs, so you out on that one. Now, Chromebooks, In my opinion, will never ever replace a mac in my opinion because Macs are known for their wonderful software, (and hardware), and have now have powerful ssds and hdd’s. Even though the Macbook Air, has no optical drive. Anyway, we are mainly talking about replacing your PC.  A Chromebook, sells for a wopping $200, and none sell for much more. They are elegant pieces of hardware in my opinion, and they will get the job done for anyone who just needs to use the Web. A Windows 8/8.1 PC now a days will set you back about $500-$1000. Thta is a lot more! So, a chromebook is much better for somethings and some people, but someone from a more professional angle, I would go with a PC, anyday.


Previously we have been expecting new versions of IOS and OS X maybe a preview of IOS 8 or a keynote address but probably not any product info. Well we have an UPDATE, according to a new news Apple is planning to work with a Smart phone platform. From your IOS device you will be able to control appliances, security systems and light’s using your IOS device. Now will this new feature be on a new version of IOS or a new product. I’m guessing a new version since they are already most likely going to show us new versions of IOS ans OS X. Now is this smart for Apple yes and no in my opinion, yes because Google is already working with this some and I think that Apple either has to do it now or never because it’s not going to look good for Google to have this first. No because i’m sure Apple already has allot on their plate including new software and hardware, beats electronics and new products. Do I like this feature and am glad Apple is going to have it yes I am this would be cool and well I just like the idea. I do think that they need to make it very easy for people to use. Smart Home has always been good but this will make it even better. We will know more about everything at WWDC 14 on Monday June 2nd at their keynote.



Destroying an old IBM Thinkpad!

Posted: May 25, 2014 by Martin Smith in Videos

Apple and Samsung are never on the same page. After some patent problems Apple was given 119 Million and asking the US to ban selling these products current or coming  This could change allot of whats to come in Samsung. So Apple wants a retrial because they believe they deserve more. We will keep you up to date on this developing story.