Remember Nintendo ??

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Nintendo has not really been in any news lately now the Wii was ok but i did not care for the 3ds very much. And then they made the Wii u which I thought was pretty bad and most recently they made the 2ds which was the dumbest idea ever for a handheld gaming console. Now Iv been a Nintendo fan but like I said lately they have not done to well in my opinion. Now why do they appear in the news now? Because the president of Nintendo has said they they want to make new consoles. Now what are my thoughts on this that depends i’m glad that they might make a good product but I really hope that it is good and it is not over priced like some of their other products. Comment on this post and tell me what you think on this news from Nintendo.    

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  1. I don’t understand why a new console would be a surprise. They didn’t quit when virtual boy flopped. I don’t own a wii u, but my 3ds is my favorite system. People seem to forget that Nintendo is worth more than a billion dollars. They aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bring on a new console!

    • cool360ps3 says:

      i agree but hope that it is a good console for the average geek or handheld gamer thank you for showing interest in our tech site. remember to follow us on twitter @todayingeek1 thank you :)

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