Microsoft had 2 announcement’s

Posted: May 16, 2014 by Martin Smith in Uncategorized
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Recently Microsoft announced 2 major things. One they said there would be a new Xbox one bundle for 399 that did not include the Kinect sensor. The new bundle will ship in June. Now I think this is a bad idea because the Kinect was one thing keeping Microsoft in the battle against Sony’s PS4 because it was very useful. I think this will hurt Microsoft now user’s have to buy the Knect separately. Many people do not want to do that so i hope they change that.


The next announcement was that you would no longer have to purchase Xbox live in order to use certain features. This includes Netflix,Hulu plus,HBO GO,WITCH,ESPN,NFL,Xbox Music,Skype,One drive,One guide,Internet explorer or Upload Studio. This is a great move for Microsoft. Many are saying the only reason they have live is to watch Netflix ect.. you can now get a refund on your membership. This will be come active in the next update for Xbox 360 and Xbox one in June. 





E3  (electronic entertainment expo) 

now E3 is coming soon what else could Microsoft announce. we will have to find, Interested in E3 scroll down to read about,Their will soon be a list of companies that will be at the show.          

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