AT&T aqquires DirecTV?!

Posted: May 19, 2014 by Martin Smith in Tech news
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As of Sunday, the widely known wireless Phone and Internet service provider AT&T, claims that it aqquired the also Internet provider (but also TV providers), DirecTV. Now, why would they do this, well let’s look into it a little deeper.

Now, AT&T has an existing television service, called U-verse, and it only has about 5 million subscribers. DirecTV has more than 20 million. Through the acquisition, AT&T will have a stronger hand in shaping the future of television distribution and consumption. I think is the most valubale of the gains, is that they aqquired the widely popular  NFL Sunday Ticket package of out-of-market football games (which DirecTv previouslty owned). AT&T didn’t specify whether it has any specific plans with this yet. And yet, observers have noticed DirecTV’s  foutain of $, around $2.6 billion ($2,600,000,000,), another advantage of the acquisition. AT&T pointed out to investors on Sunday, that the DirecTV acquisition “provides numerous growth opportunities,” (as qouted by them), in part by constantly increasing television revenues (which just means people are getting lazier). Anyway, AT&T will pay around $48.5 billion (48,500,000,000),  for DirecTV in both stock and cash. Overall, the value of the whole deal exceeds over $67 billion (67,000,000,000). That’s a pretty penny.




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