12 inch Surface Pro 3

Posted: May 20, 2014 by Martin Smith in Uncategorized
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Microsoft has announced the new 12 inch surface pro. Many thought the Surface Pro 3 would be a small Surface but that was all rumors. “Microsoft is calling it the tablet that can replace your laptop”. The Surface Pro 3 is said to be the thinnest Intel core product ever made. You can pre order one on May,21st 2014 in the U.S. It will be available to the world in late August. The product will start at a price of $799. There will be three different models of the tablet 1 with an Intel core i3 another with an Intel core i5 and one more with an Intel core i7 ¬†processor. The i3 processor will be available in June the other to will be available in August. Accessories, include a Surface Pro 3 pen it is not a stylus it is a pen you use to write or drawl with and then you click the pen when you are done to save your work into a cloud. Now that is the factual information on the Surface Pro 3

My true opinion on the Surface Pro 3

First of all I think that no tablet can replace a laptop people at work don’t want a tablet to get confused on they want a easy laptop to store their files on and use. I believe Microsoft is capable of doing allot better. The Surface in my opinion is way over priced I can get an iPad for $799\. Apple know’s more about tablets than Microsoft. The other Surface tablets have all had problems after they were released. The Surface Pro 3 is most likely going to run into some issues. If your trying to decide between iPad and Surface go iPad. I do believe that if Microsoft could perfect this product and make it much better and make the price at say $500 instead of $799 people like me might be interested. The only thing’s I do like is the pen i like the click idea and the consumer’s would think that was an easy click and everything is saved they can out the tablet down and go eat, I also like ¬†Microsoft decision in processor’s. We will get in depth with this on The upcoming episode of This week in geek. If you have any questions feel free to comment and we will give you an answer.




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