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Most company’s are trying to replace the personal laptop with a tablet. For instance Microsoft’s Surface is as they said replacing personal computers. Apple is not really into that the iPad to them is just a great tablet along with the iPad mini, Apple has their own laptops to sell and the mac book line is great. I believe you can not replace a laptop with a tablet, tablets are great for personal use games videos and fun. If you are working you want a laptop to store files on easy fast portable and much better for work. This is just my opinion on this topic you may think that tablets are better and if that is what you like by all means go ahead and get a tablet. Desktops don’t have this problem they do have to compete with laptops. I will make a separate post on my opinion on that which is going to be interesting because this is a good competition. My view on the Chromebook is that it is indeed a computer but i do not prefer it for work use I do think it is a great easy personal computer for videos, online games, reading and just the internet but not to have files and big games on just for the internet browser Google Chrome. For gaming I prefer Alien ware specificly or any computer with a good GPU or graphics card. Other great laptop brand’s are Mac book’s,Lenovo,Acer,Dell,HP as long as they have a god processor,graphics card or GPU,and a hard drive with at least 500 GB.

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