Todayingeek logo  Welcome to  todayingeek.net. We like to keep you updated on all the tech and gaming news that is trending, we also review and un-box electronics.  we have a weekly video series called This Week In Geek. We will contact with you if you have any tech or gaming questions. The owner is Ryan Combs he is very smart and loves the internet. To get all the tech news you deserve follow us on twitter @todayingeek1. Also Subscribe to our Our YouTube Channel. Thank you ! XD

  1. jerk says:

    by the way on your polls you spelled Michel its Michael!

  2. kingofme says:

    I”m Ryan combs i will be doing news on all technology i will be live on ustream and justintv i will post links and post on twitter and face book on twitter I”m @ryancombs39 on Facebook i’m todayingeek. Like me on Facebook and follow me on twitter. here”s a link to my you tube account i will be uploading reviews and a daily video on something http://www.youtube.com/user/combsryan/videos also like bilbomagma on YouTube twitter and Facebook he is my friend Ben murry he will be helping with stuff on the website IM LIVE AT 9 AM AND 9 PM

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