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New reports from Re/Code say Apple will have the keynote for the next iPhone on September 9th now yes of course this is just a rumor but very promising. Historically  the iPhone is announced in September and the event is scheduled a few days after Samsung announces its new and upcoming product in Berlin so they have to stay in the competition. I would love for this to happen September 9th rather than late September and I hope the iPhone 6 rumors are true. For iPhone 6 rumors scroll down and we tell you when is official


Reports say Apple maybe buying Swell. Swell is a radio app like Pandora but it is talk radio only. I have never heard of this app but if you like talk radio you may like it. Anything Apple acquires is good and they make it better. This is not confirmed and a developing story we will give you the latest scoop as we get it.



there is rumored to be 2 iPhone 6. One being 4.7 inches and the other being 5.5 inches. Both where most likely coming in September because that is usually when a new iPhone is announced. Credible sources say that maybe only the 4.7 inch phone will be announced. They say the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 is not ready due to problems with the in-cell touch panel and the sapphire display not being sturdy enough. Now this is all rumors but very possibly true. For more iPhone 6 rumors scroll down. We will keep you update on all the iPhone 6 news and rumors as they come in.


The iPhone 6 is very popular even though it has not come out yet. There is said to be 2 iPhone’s like the 5s and 5c. One is said to be 4.7 inches and the other 5.5 inches there is no say in if there will be a colored one or one is cheaper. The iPhone 6 is said to be released in Fall 2014. The screen is going to be a Sapphire crystal screen. And their will be a faster and more efficient A8 chip. Here is a picture we got from mac rumors. remember this is all rumors nothing is confirmed. We will keep you updated on all the iPhone 6 rumors and news.

all credit goes to mac rumors

Reports say Nba Lakers player Kobe Bryant was seen at Apples headquarters. Reports also say some other athletes were their too. Why well its said they are testing Apples highly rumored iWatch. The main reason is that the iWatch is apparently as you might already know have health tracking and more we did a few post on the iWatch earlier if your interested in it. The iWatch is said to be released this fall. Some reports also say that Kobe Bryant would be the perfect brand ambassador. And just a reminder Google I/O is tomorrow.

June 25th-June 26th is Google’s yearly I/O. Here they announce their latest and greatest software and hardware. So far, there have been a few rumors on what we can expect. One of the hot topics this year is expected to be software, likely being KitKat 4.5 or 5.0 announcements. Also, Google has recently added an experimental run time option called ART, short for Android Run Time, which is a positive update this will make your apps run faster and more efficient. On the negative side, your apps will take up more space on your device and take longer to install. We may expect to hear more on that as well. As far as hardware is concerned there isn’t much speculation as far as what we can expect. We will keep you updated on Google I/O as it comes and discuss it on This Week In Geek next week.

Recently Sprint and T-Mobile having agreed on the terms of a deal, where the third and forth largest cellular networks will combine to make the largest cellular network in history!

They already have the Governments attention, and if the deal goes through, this could provide a huge change for all of us.  Though the choices for your wireless carrier will decrease, the network will increase massively. Both companies provide service in the most densely populated states and cities, such as, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago and New York.\

I am not going to say a whole lot on the topic because it is still mainly a rumor right now.

tmobile and sprint merge


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In June there are many tech conferences going to happen. One of Google’s biggest events of the year is coming (Google I/O). What will be at Google I/O coming on June 25th-June 26th.


Software update

KitKat 4.4 is the latest Android software update it is highly rumored and it may be big. With Apple just announcing IOS 8 this leaves Google having to strike back by doing something big with an update. There is no say of what but it will either be Android 4.5 or Lollipop 5.0. Either way it will be big I’m sure to stay in competition with Apple.

New Nexus

Well I’m going to sum up all the Nexus rumors. Mainly the Nexus 8 tablet is the most talked about tablet/device is the Nexus 8 tablet because it’s getting a new design. I’m guessing it will be out around the time of the new software if these rumors are true. I would love to have a new Nexus and im guessing since they did such a great job on the Nexus 7 and 7.2 they will on the Nexus 8 to.

More tablets 

There has also been rumors of a larger tablet floating around the internet known as the Nexus 10. Their is not much information on this rumor yet but is out their and I myself would be very interested in this.

Google Watch

Here they come. Of course their will be watch rumors there is at every conference now a days. I have different opinions on this I for one don’t this that it will be announced or released yet. Why well for one it is pretty clear Apple is succeeding in Software right now so that is something Google need to worry about. And They have other stuff on their plate I also think that if Google is smart they will go with tablets rather than watches.

Other stuff

Google fiber. They may start promoting their own internet service which is fantastic but when and how much but they could amaze us. They most likely will talk about their free internet satellite project very briefly maybe as a opener since it is already official. I think they will wait till they are ready for project ara. Which we will post about so you know exactly what it is soon for the non geeks, None of this is official it is all rumors.



E3 is just around the corner which leads us to think what will happen. E3 is June 10th-12th. Now yes their is a rumors but their will be allot of major company’s their to. Lets get right into it GTA 5 is rumored to hit the next gen consoles and the PC, We all have been waiting for this forever and now is when it could happen. Dance central 4 might be coming out because recently their was a kinect less bundle that was cheaper and sales went up so now maybe they are trying to show people kinect is more than voice and video. They most likely will discuss the 2015 Mortal Kombat X announcement. Packages are a popular rumor for Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Halo. People say that their will be a Call of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy package released after Call of Duty Advanced Warfare they rumored realease date is November 25th 2014 and remember Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is coming out November 4th. If this is true Call of Duty sales will go through the roof with people buying the new game and the trilogy package The package is rumored to be rendered in full 1080p at a constant 60 frames per second, Revamped campaigns, HD texture and lighting, Revamped sound over all. Halo is rumored to possibly have all the Halo games in one package leading up to Halo 5 Guardians which we will hear about more at E3. Their also might be a Halo 2 anniversary edition coming soon. We will keep you posted on all E3 news and rumors here at todayingeek.