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Instagram vs snap chat.  Everyone knew instagram would have to do something to compete with snap chat and they did by launching Bolt. Bolt is a new app so far in the iTunes and Google Play store in Singapore, South Africa and New Zealand. The app has its own messenger and very nice software. There is a new feature that allows you to erase a message or photo within a few second of sending or posting by shaking your phone. They were very quite on this app so far meaning no major announcement and no USA release date this is new information and we will keep you updated as we get the latest scoop.undefined

We are sorry but their has been a problem with the video editing software and we will not be able to upload this week in geek 2 yet but for sure next Tuesday it will be up.  as for The geek of the week i will still pick one for this week and give them a twitter shout out and a video shout out in the next video. We will keep you updated on all the news until then in the form of post. Thank You

Reports say Apple maybe buying Swell. Swell is a radio app like Pandora but it is talk radio only. I have never heard of this app but if you like talk radio you may like it. Anything Apple acquires is good and they make it better. This is not confirmed and a developing story we will give you the latest scoop as we get it.



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The polls are back there will be a new poll every day and the results will be final every Sunday. There is a Page specifically for polls as you see. Remember to Vote !



Apple as you might already know acquired Beats Electronics. Bose is now sewing them over 4 patents on noise cancelling technology. Bose is asking to ban Beats Studio and Beats Studio wireless. Bose  has filed federal patent infringement in the state of Delaware. I don’t know if you have noticed but Apple gets in Lawsuits allot usually with Samsung. This is a developing story we will give you more information as we get it on how much they want and more.

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Todayingeek will be posting and doing the weekly this week in geek but now there is more. There will be more videos coming including reviews unboxing and more so stay tuned for that also we will be posting about more about whats new in the geek world. Also there will be a weekly Geek of the week chosen by me and if you would like to enter to be the Geek of the week just follow us on twitter @todayingeek1. This will go into effect on the next this week in geek coming on Tuesday.


The rumor has been confirmed. Google has payed 1 billion dollars for the live streaming site Twitch. This has been rumored for quite sometime now and I’m happy about this. Looks like Google is owns 2 of the best video sites in the world. We will give you more information on this story as we get it.

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there is rumored to be 2 iPhone 6. One being 4.7 inches and the other being 5.5 inches. Both where most likely coming in September because that is usually when a new iPhone is announced. Credible sources say that maybe only the 4.7 inch phone will be announced. They say the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 is not ready due to problems with the in-cell touch panel and the sapphire display not being sturdy enough. Now this is all rumors but very possibly true. For more iPhone 6 rumors scroll down. We will keep you update on all the iPhone 6 news and rumors as they come in.