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when you factory reset your phone you expect all of your personal information to be deleted. Well according to reports by Avast they went to eBay and bought 20 Android smartphones that were said to be  factory reset. And they were able to find 40,000 pics, 1,000 Google searches 750 emails and text messages and 250 contact names and emails. Now I find this very interesting because factory resetting your phone is meant for deleting all of your personal information so the next owner will not be able to know anything about you. Most people would not try to restore any previous information that was on the device but many people will find this uncomfortable. I always make sure before I sell any device that has ever had any personal information on it there is nothing they can restore. I think that you should too.



Well today was Google’s yearly input output conference very similar to Apples WWDC basically the same just Google. Now we will start with Android auto. This is cool you can connect your phone with your car and listen to music Google search and use maps of course this is all voice activated and it better be good because of course your not going to be doing all this stuff with your hands because that would be a distraction to the road. I do think the voice recognition is good because its the familiar Google now that we all use on our Android phones so we will be able to see this and late this year.

Android L

The L in Android L is most likely lolly pop but has not been confirmed yet. They said it would have better battery life and a new look that will be used across many Google platforms. We still don’t know much about it but will be released later this year though developers will be able to get it this week.

Android one

Android one is a reference program that gives equipment makers a platform in which they can make inexpensive hardware.

Android TV

Google is doing more than chrome cast. Android TV can be embedded  directly in TV sets or in a box. Google already has people working on this and should be out in 2015. Google’s chrome cast is improving too. Funny because recently sales went up and before they were going to ditch the chrome cast and now they are improving it how u ask. Chrome cast now allows you to purchase content from the Google play store with out a smartphone tablet or PC around. Third party apps are being accepted and you can use controllers for gaming. Nice right I highly recommend the chrome cast I love it.

Android Wear

Here is what we all have been waiting for and it will launch Thursday. Developers can make apps for LG G watch and the Samsung Gear Live which both were announced today. Some apps will go as far as ordering a pizza or more its really cool. Most people like the Android where for Notification’s and so do I. The Motto 360 was talked about and coming this Later this summer and yes people were disappointed about this. The two Smartwatches can be ordered in the Google play store Wednesday.

Wrapping it up

There were a few other announcements but nothing major so that is pretty much it for Google I/O. Many were disappointed that their was no phone or tablet announcements but i’m sure their will be soon.



June 25th-June 26th is Google’s yearly I/O. Here they announce their latest and greatest software and hardware. So far, there have been a few rumors on what we can expect. One of the hot topics this year is expected to be software, likely being KitKat 4.5 or 5.0 announcements. Also, Google has recently added an experimental run time option called ART, short for Android Run Time, which is a positive update this will make your apps run faster and more efficient. On the negative side, your apps will take up more space on your device and take longer to install. We may expect to hear more on that as well. As far as hardware is concerned there isn’t much speculation as far as what we can expect. We will keep you updated on Google I/O as it comes and discuss it on This Week In Geek next week.

My opinion on smart watches. Well first off they are very rumored and popular. I think that they are to expensive for a watch. Now yes they have a camera and maybe calling capabilities but they are going to be to much for people to want to go out and buy. Yes the price is worth the product most likely but I don’t think that any one needs and extra gadget to have to worry about when they can do every thing it can do on their phone. Yes I would buy one but that’s because i’m a geek. Now you may agree or disagree but I think that if Apple or Google wants to succeed in the business of Smart watches they will either have to be amazing and have something that other products can’t offer or have a good price. I don’t think that Apple or Google will do this now but maybe in the future.


Google glass 

We should and will talk briefly on Google glass. Will it ever be released to the general public and will they ever announce a price maybe. I think that I will discuss this in next weeks this week in geek.

In June there are many tech conferences going to happen. One of Google’s biggest events of the year is coming (Google I/O). What will be at Google I/O coming on June 25th-June 26th.


Software update

KitKat 4.4 is the latest Android software update it is highly rumored and it may be big. With Apple just announcing IOS 8 this leaves Google having to strike back by doing something big with an update. There is no say of what but it will either be Android 4.5 or Lollipop 5.0. Either way it will be big I’m sure to stay in competition with Apple.

New Nexus

Well I’m going to sum up all the Nexus rumors. Mainly the Nexus 8 tablet is the most talked about tablet/device is the Nexus 8 tablet because it’s getting a new design. I’m guessing it will be out around the time of the new software if these rumors are true. I would love to have a new Nexus and im guessing since they did such a great job on the Nexus 7 and 7.2 they will on the Nexus 8 to.

More tablets 

There has also been rumors of a larger tablet floating around the internet known as the Nexus 10. Their is not much information on this rumor yet but is out their and I myself would be very interested in this.

Google Watch

Here they come. Of course their will be watch rumors there is at every conference now a days. I have different opinions on this I for one don’t this that it will be announced or released yet. Why well for one it is pretty clear Apple is succeeding in Software right now so that is something Google need to worry about. And They have other stuff on their plate I also think that if Google is smart they will go with tablets rather than watches.

Other stuff

Google fiber. They may start promoting their own internet service which is fantastic but when and how much but they could amaze us. They most likely will talk about their free internet satellite project very briefly maybe as a opener since it is already official. I think they will wait till they are ready for project ara. Which we will post about so you know exactly what it is soon for the non geeks, None of this is official it is all rumors.



Apple had WWDC 14 keynote yesterday. I was impressed on IOS 8 you see I think they are winning the war against android devices. Why well lets look at it this way one of androids main features people liked was the swipe keyboard and now Apple is accepting third party keyboards. Apple also has announced a new programming language which is going to as they say replace objective C the new programming language is called Swift. Plus they announced OS 10.10 Yosemite. Android is loosing low right now in my opinion because most Android devices are running KitKat 4.4. Which is good but no IOS 8. If you want to know more about IOS 8 their is a full post on everything that happened at WWDC14 or you can watch the full keynote if you missed it yesterday.

remember the cortana app that allows you to listen to music and it will tell you what it is. Facebook is having an update that will be able to tell you what music your listening to or what tv show your watching by just listening to it. When you post on Facebook you have the option to say what your doing now you can put your device next to the tv or radio and well it will say what your listening to watching. I like this idea and hope that this works in a positive way and will be able to understand unlike other voice control.

Far cry 4 has been announced for 2014. Far Cry is a franchise with 4 entries. Now many people don’t even play the game or intend to but it is not bad Far Cry 1,2 and 3 were successful. I think Far Cry 4 could be a good selling game for Xbox one especially because PS4 is clearly winning the console War. We recently had a poll on which you think is better but according to stats the PS4 has sold more. Far Cry will be released on Xbox one,Xbox 360,PS3,PS4 and PC. If you pre order you will receive a limited edition of the game that has Hurk’s redemption a single player mission pack and you will receive Hurk’s main weapon  The Impaler. Now eventually the limited edition will be for sale on either DLC or a separate disc to get more profit. Now lets get into the game “In Far Cry 4, players find themselves in Kyrat, a breathtaking, perilous and wild region of the Himalayas struggling under the regime of a despotic self-appointed king. Using a vast array of weapons, vehicles, and animals, players will write their own story across an exotic open-world landscape.”  More info will be said at E3 coming on June 9th. This is all we know right now but we will be giving full results for every big event that happens at E3 (electronic entertainment expo). undefined 

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