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The Geek Of The Week is back. If you don’t remember what it is ill tell you. The geek of the week is randomly chosen by me every week in our weekly video series this week in geek. If you win you get a in vid shout out and a shout out on twitter. If you want to enter all you have to do is follow us on twitter at @todayingeek1. for a better chance to win RT any of my new tweets. Thank you!


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when you factory reset your phone you expect all of your personal information to be deleted. Well according to reports by Avast they went to eBay and bought 20 Android smartphones that were said to be  factory reset. And they were able to find 40,000 pics, 1,000 Google searches 750 emails and text messages and 250 contact names and emails. Now I find this very interesting because factory resetting your phone is meant for deleting all of your personal information so the next owner will not be able to know anything about you. Most people would not try to restore any previous information that was on the device but many people will find this uncomfortable. I always make sure before I sell any device that has ever had any personal information on it there is nothing they can restore. I think that you should too.



The Chromecast is a device that plugs in the HDMI port on the back of your TV and allows you to stream whats on your tablet,Phone or PC directly to you TV. I love the Chromecast and it’s only 35$. Anyway Wednesday was Google I/O (a yearly conference like WWDC but Google not Apple) They announced multiple things you can read about it in the post below. The Chromecast news sparked my attention though. You can now stream stuff without a WiFi password how you ask? Well its actually quite complicated and cool it seems like Magic. It works with ultrasonic soundwaves people can’t hear them. Once you set up your Chromecast to connect to nearby devices the Chromecast will push a ultrasonic sound through your TV speakers. The soundwave is all your device needs to know to pair you up. You can’t hear this but your device can. Google has actually been working on this for quite some time. 

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remember the cortana app that allows you to listen to music and it will tell you what it is. Facebook is having an update that will be able to tell you what music your listening to or what tv show your watching by just listening to it. When you post on Facebook you have the option to say what your doing now you can put your device next to the tv or radio and well it will say what your listening to watching. I like this idea and hope that this works in a positive way and will be able to understand unlike other voice control.

Next week on Friday we decided to do a double this week in geek. We will talk about what happened this week in geek and next week in geek. So it will be longer than a normal episode and there will be a special geek of the week. One of you can become the geek of the week. If you would like to be the geek of the week just tweet geek of the week to @todayingeek1. We will announce the winner Friday on a post on the website and you will be able to get a retweet or a follow your choice. Still need tech and gaming news is of course on the site.


E3 June 9th at 12:30 pm EST in Los Angeles California.

Here’s a list of companies :)

  • 505 Games
  • Disney interactive studios
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • EA
  • DreamGEAR
  • gamespot
  • SEGA
  • Facebook
  • Focus
  • IGN
  • inComm
  • INNE
  • NYCO
  • PDP
  • T2
  • GAMING grids



we will reaturn to give you your daily tech news.We have been down because i was moving and needed to take some time off there will be some changes we will not be doing live streams for now but we will start a video series after were back up and running i will also be doing a desighn change soon so stay tuned We will be back on Tuesday 4/15/14