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Next week on Friday we decided to do a double this week in geek. We will talk about what happened this week in geek and next week in geek. So it will be longer than a normal episode and there will be a special geek of the week. One of you can become the geek of the week. If you would like to be the geek of the week just tweet geek of the week to @todayingeek1. We will announce the winner Friday on a post on the website and you will be able to get a retweet or a follow your choice. Still need tech and gaming news is of course on the site.


E3 June 9th at 12:30 pm EST in Los Angeles California.

Here’s a list of companies :)

  • 505 Games
  • Disney interactive studios
  • Microsoft
  • Nintendo
  • EA
  • DreamGEAR
  • gamespot
  • SEGA
  • Facebook
  • Focus
  • IGN
  • inComm
  • INNE
  • NYCO
  • PDP
  • T2
  • GAMING grids



We don’t know much on this great new game. In fact we don’t know any details on the multiplier section of the game. The DLC will first appear on Xbox 360 and Xbox one we have no further detalis on what will be in this DLC. Will we see something similar to ghost maybe or maybe we will see a few maps for the first pack. Season pass is also a popular topic you never know what could happen. We will keep you posted on all news to come

Today is Star wars day, May the 4th be with you this is a great geeky holiday for many to celebrate. In recent star wars news Harrion Ford (Han Solo), Carrie fisher(Princess L and Mark Hamill(Luke skywalker) have renewed their roles in the 2015 episode 7 star wars movie. Now if today if may the 4th be with you wouldn’t tomorrow be revenge of the 5th or Tuesday 6th lol. Here is a list of 20 fun geeky things to do on star wars day.

  • Watch starwars episodes 1-6
  • watch the trilogy and special edition trilogy
  • have a starwars party
  • put together a starwars puzzle
  • use starwars legos
  • eat starwars snacks
  • play starwars games
  • collect starwars items
  • go to
  • dress up like a starwars character
  • watch starwars the clone wars
  • make a star wars fan site
  • use the CMD code to watch the telnet starwars movie
  • read starwars books
  • read starwars comic books
  • make starwars crafts
  • watch starwars special features
  • wear starwars appear
  • play with starwars action figures

After the iPhone 5 an iPhone 5c was rumored, most people assumed the C  stood for cheap, but it actually stood for color. (lol jk)  After that phone came the iPhone 5s. Now will we see an iPhone 6c?  We will keep you posted on any rumors or news, that comes in on the iPhone 6 in general    

Many people are buying the the PS4 over the Xbox one. Why, well Sony has produced more games than Xbox one and the gaming experience in many peoples opinion is better.  PS4 had better launch titles Microsoft’s Xbox one was a Great next gen console but you had to pay for Xbox live while PlayStation plus is free.Titan fall and Call of duty Ghost have been Xbox one’s main Games where Ps4 has had a big variety of games the Amazing spider man 2 will be out first on PS4 and Xbox one will be delayed. So for now it looks like Sony is winning the console War


sp4 vs xbox 1

Soon sonys PS4 will have an update.what will be included on this update pretty much if your a you tuber or just enjoy making video game videos.There will be a new video editing software called SHAREfactory.It will allow you to combine your clips and full videos with themes and filters.Also as you have probably seen most gaming videos have a picture in picture presentation you now will be able to recoreds commentary and have the picture in  picture presentation using the camera.Now with that said this will drive the market down on video capture cards and digital PVR records with were use to create the great gaming videos we see today.Now will this make them cheaper or not because you will still need those devices on ps3 and xbox 360.The xbox one also has a similar feature that allows you to record game play and the upload to YouTube this is great.In my opinion I think prices will stay the same and the market for them will be strictly (for gaming wise only) xbox 360 and ps3.This will be coming soon 

For now we will just be giving you news in post but later we will create video series,vlogging and the occasional live stream so stay tuned here at Todayingeek we want to give you whats most important tech news.We will also have polls you can follow us on twitter at

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Titan fall is coming out with a new DLC pack in may it is called expedition some of the current maps you can get bored or tired playing it over and over. 1 Map include Swampland which is alien ruins there will be a lot of room to run around.This is the first of three map packs This will be included with the season pass.The price will be $25 i belive this will be a good set of maps to play on