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remember the cortana app that allows you to listen to music and it will tell you what it is. Facebook is having an update that will be able to tell you what music your listening to or what tv show your watching by just listening to it. When you post on Facebook you have the option to say what your doing now you can put your device next to the tv or radio and well it will say what your listening to watching. I like this idea and hope that this works in a positive way and will be able to understand unlike other voice control.

We all know Google has been the king of the internet and searching for years now, but do you really want to be able to do everything by voice? Google says they want to put the

“Ok Google” hot words through the entire android system. The ‘campaign’ is called “Ok Google Everywhere”. They say that you that you will be able control different apps, just by using this command.    It’s not just enhanced voice control, but Android Police says Google is considering new navigation buttons for Android. However, it must be realized that this could only be available for Nexus or Google Play Edition  devices, just like the current Google Now Launcher. Now, what do I think of this? Well as a dedicated ios user, not much. I new they would EVENTUALLY do something like this so it does not surprise me this happened.    I’m not a huge fan of all the voice control stuff because you don’t feel like your, well, in control.